Software for Bible study has advanced significantly in the last 10 years. Many websites host great on–line Bible study tools that can be used via web browsers. Bible study software and apps are available for multiple platforms: laptop computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

Below are 9 free Bible study software tools that can help any Christian in their personal Bible study. Take a look at these resources to see if any of these pieces of computer software can help you today.

Free Bible Study Software

1. Accordance Bible Software (

If you are a Mac or Windows user, I recommend Accordance Bible Software. They have a free version of their software called Accordance Lite. You can read more about why Accordance 12 Lite is the best free Bible Study Software package.

If you like the software, you can save up to get the Starter Collection priced at $59. The Starter Collection contains most of the Bible Study tools that you need for personal Bible study.

2. Olive Tree Bible Software (

If you are looking for Bible software on your mobile device, Olive Tree is for you. Olive Tree’s Bible Software app runs on phones and tablets using iOS, Android and the Kindle Fire operating system. They also created an app that runs on computers running Windows and MacOS.

The free version has the basic Bible tools for Bible study. Eventually, you can purchase books and other resources. Olive Tree is owned by HarperCollins which also owns Zondervan, and Thomas Nelson. Olive Tree is a great platform for starting a new Christian digital library.

3. e-Sword (

If you are a Windows user, e-Sword remains one of the best free Bible study software packages. The first version of e-Sword was created over 15 years ago, and it has been constantly enhanced with new resources and an updated interface.

e-Sword is supported by user donations. If you are an active user, please consider giving financially to them. The e-Sword team is providing one of the best free Bible study software packages available today.

4. Logos Bible Software (

Logos Bible Software has received a free version of their flagship software package. Entitled Logos Basic, this free edition does not include any of Logos’ datasets. It only includes the King James Version and Logos’ Lexham English Bible. It includes Easton’s Bible Dictionary and Faithlife’s Lexham Bible Dictionary. It also includes Faithlife’s Study Bible notes and abridged Greek and Hebrew lexicons.

If you want to demo the interface of Logos Bible Software to see if you are interested in purchasing a full package, this free version makes a great demo. However, I strongly recommend Accordance 12 Lite for both Mac and Windows users. And I recommend OliveTree if you are a mobile user.

Free Bible Study Websites

5. BibleArc (

BibleArc was started by John Piper and the Bethlehem College and Seminary. Instead of using Accordance or Logos, I use BibleArc for all of my Greek and Hebrew diagramming. BibleArc has three modules.

  • Sentence diagramming
  • Phrasing (Sentence flow block diagramming)
  • Discourse (Bible arcing and bracketing)

I use the phrasing module extensively to help me understand the logic argumentative flow when I study a New Testament epistle. I occasionally use the sentence diagramming.

The website is free to use, but if you want to save your work – there is a monthly fee.

6. Blue Letter Bible (

Blue Letter Bible is so robust, some pastors will start their Bible study and sermon preparation on this website. Their Bible Study module contains many excellent tools.

  • Interlinear Bible
  • Parallel Bible to compare multiple translations
  • Textus Receptus Greek NT
  • Cross References using Treasury of Scripture Knowledge
  • Matthew Henry and Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown one-volume commentaries.
  • Several Bible dictionaries including Easton’s Bible dictionary and the original International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (ISBE).
  • Nave’s Topical Bible
  • Vine’s Expository Dictionary

7. Bible Study Tools (

Bible Study Tools has even more references and resources than Blue Letter Bible. However, the resources are not as tightly integrated, so it feels more like a library than an online Bible study program.

For New Testament word study, the website hosts both Thayer’s Lexicon and Smith’s Bible Dictionary. For OT word study, it has Brown, Driver and Briggs and Genesius lexicons. These four Bible study tools are sufficient for any serious lexical word study.

8. Faithlife Bible (

The Faithlife Bible is a free online Bible that is made available by FaithLife, the company that makes Logos Bible Software.

The FaithLife Bible is a great study tool, especially if you do not have access to a study Bible. You can download the Faithlife Study Bible as an app for iOS and Android. You can also view the contents online using a computer with a larger screen when you register for an account. You also have access to the excellent Lexham Bible dictionary.

9. Lumina (

Lumina hosts the New English Translation (NET) Bible. It has a split screen interface, so you can simultaneously look at the NET Bible study notes or a parallel English version very easily.

It has the Greek text with instant details to Strong’s numbers, parsing and lexical definitions.

Free Online Bible

Bible Gateway (

Bible Gateway is the most popular website to read the Bible. It hosts over 200 Bible translations, and it’s simple interface and speed is unsurpassed. If I want to quickly read a Bible passage in a specific translation on my desktop or laptop, I look to Bible Gateway.

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