Many of us do not have access to visit a theological library at a Bible college, university or seminary. Many teaching pastors do not have the financial resources to subscribe to print versions of theological journals. Bible software programs like Logos and Accordance have theological journal collections, but they rarely include the most current journals.

Below is a list of my favorite online theological journals. Most of these journals are available for free. Keep these hyperlinks available whenever you need to dig deeper into the most current scholarship.

List of Online Theological Journals for Evangelical Christians

  • 9Marks Journal: 9Marks publishes a quarterly journal on various church topics. I routinely skim through the contents of each quarterly journal. I will read select articles that interest me.
  • Bibliotheca Sacra: Published by Dallas Theological Seminary, this is a paid resource ($29 annual subscription). I include it here because it is an important resource, but I don’t have a current online subscription.
  • CCEF Now: Faculty members of CCEF (David Powlison, Melissa Clemens, Alasdair Groves, Winston Smith, Ed Welch) publish this magazine journal about once a year. This is a free resource that contains high quality articles related to topics of biblical counseling.
  • Credo Magazine: Credo is a free, full-color, digital magazine that is published quarterly. It publishes articles by pastors and scholars on pertinent issues in Christianity.
  • Journal of Biblical Counseling: Also published by CCEF, this paid resource is published three times a year. The journal contains very high quality articles averaging about 10 pages in length. Currently, this is my favorite journal on topics of biblical counseling.
  • Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood: Published by the Center of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW), the JBMW journal is published biannually. If you don’t already down a copy, download Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood as a free PDF. Then read this journal for updated articles on additional topics.
  • Master’s Seminary Journal: This biannual academic journal is published by the Master’s Seminary. I regularly refer to article in the TMS journal that are pertinent to my current studies.
  • Mid-America Journal of Theology: The last issue was published in 2012. But I still find some of the article archives helpful. Mid–America Reformed Seminary still provide these archives available for free.
  • Midwestern Journal of Theology: This seminary journal from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is quickly becoming one of my favorite resources. The online version of the journal is available for free. Published twice a year, this journal includes thematic, biblical articles and book reviews. There is between 150-200 pages of good content in each issue.
  • Reformed Presbyterian Theological Journal: This newer journal is published twice a year by Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Each issue contains about five articles.
  • Southeastern Theological Review: This biannual journal produced by Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Each issue, available free online, contains about 5 full articles and several book reviews.
  • Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS)
    • Booklets and Guidebooks: SBTS has made available some of their booklets and guidebooks in electronic format for free. These electronic resources are concise but solidly referenced and biblical. Before downloading, you will need to provide your e-mail address.
    • Journal of Discipleship and Family Ministry: This journal is published biannually. Recent topics include adoption, motherhood, marriage, and children.
    • Journal of Missions and Evangelism: Devoted to topics of oversea missions, this journal is published annually.
    • Journal of Theology: This is the main theological journal for SBTS. It is published quarterly. Each issue is dedicated to a particular topic. The articles are top-notch; each article is at the top of its field.
    • Southern Seminary Magazine: The most recent two issues of this biannual magazine is available online. Although some article are news articles regarding the seminary, there are articles that have more broad general Christian interest.
    • Towers: This online collection of magazine articles include book reviews, interviews, and articles on current Christian topics.
  • Tabletalk: The devotional magazine by Ligonier Ministries is excellent. It is a paid resource, but they will post a selection of free articles from their latest issue.
  • Themelios: Themelios is an international journal for Bible students. It is hosted by the Gospel Coalition, and it is published three times a year. Honestly, I have not found too much benefit from the well–researched articles, but I routinely skim through all the book reviews.
  • Westminster Theological Journal: Published by Westminster Theological Seminary, only one article is generally available online for free, and it usually comes from their latest issue. I hope eventually, they will make available their archives online for free.