If you are searching for your first Bible software program for your laptop computer, here is a brief summary to the 9 most popular Bible Software programs available today.

Bible Software #1: Logos Bible Software

Logos is the most popular premium Bible study software program. There least expensive base package runs over $250. It runs on Windows PC, Mac OS, iOS and Android. Logos has the largest availability of paid resources: dictionary and reference works, commentaries, eBooks, video courses, and ancient writings.

Many Bible scholars and pastors own Logos and have invested heavily in paid digital resources on its platform. While some use Logos primarily as a searchable, digital library, many use Logos for their personal Bible study, original language exegesis, and academic research.

Bible Software #2: eSword

ESword is still the most popular free Bible software. It was originally created by one person in the year 2000. It quickly became one of the most powerful free Bible software programs of its time. Seven years later, a mobile version was also developed for the Pocket PC.

The mission of eSword remains the same: to provide the best free Bible software for Christians across the world. Today, you can download eSword for your Windows PC, Mac OS computer, and iOS device. If you never plan to purchase add-on resources, eSword is a great option.

Bible Software #3: Olive Tree

Olive Tree, acquired by HarperCollins in 2014, has become one of the most popular Bible Study application. Originally available for just the mobile platform, the Olive Tree app has expanded and is now available for Windows PC, Mac OS, iOS, Android and Kindle Fire.

The free version gives users access to several of the most popular English translations (NIV, ESV, HCSB, NKJV). You can also download the Hebrew Bible and several Greek New Testament eclectic texts for free. Olive Tree also includes the Jamison Fausset Brown (JKB) classic one–volume commentary without cost.

Olive Tree has some of the most amazing sale prices for additional books. You can find commentary sets on sale for up to 70% off Logos’ lowest sale price. I recommend Olive Tree, especially if you use Bible software more on your phone than your laptop.

Bible Software #4: Wordsearch Bible

WORDsearch Bible, produced by Lifeway Christian Resources, is available both as a free version (WORDsearch Basic) and a paid version (WORDsearch 11). The technology of Quickverse and Bible Explorer, two older Bible software programs, have been integrated into WORDsearch. It runs best on Windows PC, but the program can run on Mac OS. Mobile apps are available for both the iOS and Android platform.

Because B&H Publishing is under the umbrella of the same parent company, there are some B&H resources available on WORDsearch that are not available anywhere else currently. An example is the Exegetical Guide of the New Testament series, my favorite exegetical guide series.

Bible Software #5: Accordance

Accordance is my favorite Bible software for the Mac OS. Several years, Accordance become available for Windows PC. An Accordance Mobile app is also available for the iOS platform (iPhones and iPads).

The Bible search engine in Accordance is fast and easy to use, and it is one of the most powerful. You can purchase hundreds of additional paid resources, so you will never outgrow Accordance. Many Bible scholars like Daniel Wallace and Bill Mounce use Accordance.

Bible Software #6: BibleWorks

Bibleworks was first released in 1992. At the time, it was the only serious Bible study software available for Windows PCs. It remains one of the most powerful Bible software packages available today. While many complicated searches can take many seconds to complete, Bibleworks return its search results in “less than one second.”

Many Bible scholars and professors like Will Varner use BibleWorks for their original language Bible studies. The current release is available for purchase at $399. The base package has tremendous value, and it includes the Greek and Hebrew Bible tools that should satisfy most serious Biblical exegetes.

One final note: Bibleworks 10 currently includes the Chinese Union Bible, the Chinese New Version, and the Contemporary Chinese Version New Testament. If you want the Chinese Bible in your Bible software, Bibleworks is your best option.

Bible Software #7: TheWord

TheWord Bible software runs best on a Windows PC. An older version of the software runs on Mac OS. The program is free, and there are optional add-ons that can be downloaded for free or for purchase.

Like Bibleworks, TheWord supports several Chinese Bible translations using both simplified and traditional Chinese:

  • Chinese Union Version with Strong’s number tagging
  • Revised Chinese Union Version
  • Chinese New Version
  • Chinese NET Bible

Bible Software #8: Biblesoft

Biblesoft, creators of both MAC Study Bible and PC Study Bible, has been creator Bible software for many years. Many users have remained loyal to BibleSoft’s software libraries for the Mac OS and Windows PC.

Software libraries range from their Discovery Series at under $200 to their Professional Series at $1200. Most of the popular Bible study tools not included in your base package are available for purchase as add-ons.

Bible Software #9: Glo Bible

Glo Bible is a new Bible software program created by a small development team. Glory Bible launched in 2016 with a mobile app available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Currently, this Bible app is still in its infancy with a free version available with the ESV. Glo Bible will also be available on a desktop computer using an internet browser.

Final Thoughts on Today’s Bible Software Programs

We have a lot of free and paid options for Bible study software programs. Whether you are primarily a mobile user or a power user on your Mac or Windows PC, there has never been a better time to leverage computer technology in your personal Bible study.