Reflections: Sharings and Testimonies

Nine Months I Will Never Forget

I met George H. Fox in 2010. He was one of my favorite preachers. I had the privilege to spend 9 months with him. Read how he impacted my life.

Cheung Family’s 2016 Year in Review

Each year our family enjoys making precious memories. 2016 is no exception. Read our highlights from January to December. January 2016 Life Without Pedro's Mom On January 2, 2016, after a 9-month battle with Guillain–Barre syndrome and metastatic breast cancer,...

Taiwan Missions Trip: Summer 2006 Video

In Summer 2006, I joined a 22 member team that spent 7 weeks in Taipei, Taiwan. We visited a small church plant called Eastbay Baptist Church of Taipei.

Best Chapter in the Bible

There are many great chapters in the Bible: John 1, Romans 8, Philippians 2. Read more about which one is the best chapter in the Bible.

How Important Are Date Nights, Really?

Are date nights necessary to maintain and cultivate a healthy marriage? This article challenges the subculture that promotes date nights as mandatory.

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